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  • Hi Abu_Bakar_Afzal,

    I have a few suggestions to try to check:

    • Which type of VS are you using? ie: Standard vs FastL4.
    • Verify which tcp profile is in use, and consider swapping it to a "lan" or "wan" variant.
    • Is any SMTP profile in use?
    • Is the connection between the BIG-IP and the SMTP server busy, high latency, or otherwise congested?
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      VS is Standard and we are using default SMTP profile. Connection is not even used its new deployement.

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    I think much better if you post your config of your VS here. Also, you can expand the RST, ACK as it might give you more details on why it is sending RST flags.

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      PFA RST flag output.

      Below is the VS all properties output

      ltm virtual SMTP_VIP_IPCORE {
      address-status yes
      app-cloud-security-services none
      app-service none
      auth none
      auto-lasthop default
      bwc-policy none
      clone-pools none
      cmp-enabled yes
      connection-limit 0
      creation-time 2022-03-01:13:11:05
      description none
      ephemeral-auth-access-config none
      eviction-protected disabled
      fallback-persistence none
      flow-eviction-policy none
      gtm-score 0
      ip-protocol tcp
      last-hop-pool none
      last-modified-time 2022-03-31:15:41:40
      metadata none
      mirror disabled
      mobile-app-tunnel disabled
      nat64 disabled
      parent-name none
      partition Common
      per-flow-request-access-policy none
      persist none
      policies none
      profiles {
      tcp {
      context all
      rate-class none
      rate-limit disabled
      rate-limit-dst-mask 0
      rate-limit-mode object
      rate-limit-src-mask 0
      related-rules none
      rules none
      security-log-profiles none
      serverssl-use-sni disabled
      service-down-immediate-action none
      service-policy none
      source-address-translation {
      pool none
      type automap
      source-port preserve
      syn-cookie-status not-activated
      traffic-classes none
      traffic-matching-criteria none
      translate-address enabled
      translate-port disabled
      transparent-nexthop none
      urldb-feed-policy none
      vlans none
      vs-index 486