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Oct 20, 2011

Slow response in Deployment Microsoft Exchange 2010 with F5

Hi. I'm trying to deployment F5 to balance Microsoft Exchange Server (Outlook Web App, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync, and Autodiscover). I use the configuration in the deployment guides by F5 but when i have more of 1000 active connections the behavior is slow: I can't access to Outlook RPC and OWA or it's too slow.



Does anyone know what's happening I use a 3900 model.



Some data:


- Done with the document 'Deploying F5 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Version 1.5'


- Deployment with one virtual server by everything (Supporting Outlook Web App, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync, and Autodiscover using one virtual server).


- Activated NTML, onneconnect profile en Vistual server HTTPS.


- When the F5 doesn't have more than 1000 connections works fine.





4 Replies

  • Consider using a FastL4 virtual server, not a standard virtual server as might be implied in the documentation.
  • When you say 1,000 active connections, do you mean actual tcp connections or 1,000 concurrent users? Try to disable NTLM/OneConnect profiles first as the troubleshooting step. Are you doing full SSL offload at F5 or re-encrypting? Is compression being used? What is the most common access method through the device(OWA, Outlook Anywhere, etc)?
  • I had similar issues. The fix in my case was disabling the One Connect profile. I also seem to remember something with the Nagle's Algorithm, or changing the Redirect Rewrite setting. I will try to find out exactly, but hopefully that will lead you to the right direction.
  • I had the same issues with exchange 2013. Turning of the Nagle algorithm solves the problem.