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Feb 01, 2012

single-sign on with a third-party SSO server using soap




I have a question regarding a project.


We want to give remote access to applications.


We are testing several VPN SSL products and our major concern is to integrate the selected product with our SSO server.



The communication with the SSO server must use a web service.


Each call to the web service must be send through a SOAP request and each response to a call will return a SAOP Response with a set of data – XML formatted – within the SOAP body.



I want to know if we can use irules so when a user authenticate against the BIG-IP APM, then when he access a published application, the credentials will be retrieved against the SSO server using SOAP ?



Let me know if it is not clear and sorry for my english.



Thank you in advance.






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  • have a read of these they may be helpful