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Nov 17, 2023

Simple redirect I'm getting a 405 error

Hi, I'm having an issue but I'm not sure if its with the F5 VIP or the application.  We have a URL pointed at a VIP that has a client side SSL profile tied to it and just doing a simple redirect with no pool members.  This is meant as a log drain from an external vendor and is configured to come in on port 443

HTTP::redirect "https://splunk server:port/static/log/URI"

When we hit it in a browser we get a 404 which is expected but in Postman Posts and Gets return a 405 error.  Is this because the server i'm redirecting to just has a self signed cert and not the same certificate that is configured in the VIP's SSL profile?

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  • SteveD1979 If you didn't modify the defaults on the F5 when it comes to redirects you can open developer tools in a browser and have a look at the server field for the 405 response, if it's the F5 it will say something along the lines of BIG-IP and if it's something else it wont. You can also perform a tcpdump to see exactly where the 405 is coming from.

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      Thanks the server listed in under the event in dev tools is the splunk server.  But if he posts right to the URL i'm redirecting to he gets a successful response.

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    It's advisable to check the SSL certificate on the destination server, ensure proper HTTPS configuration, and review Postman's SSL/TLS requirements. 

  • Can you paste the configuration of the VS here?
    i think its a problem with the profile SSL or directly with the postman post/get compile

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      ltm virtual  {
      creation-time 2023-10-19:13:56:21
      destination IP:https
      ip-intelligence-policy IPI-Passive-Policy
      ip-protocol tcp
      last-modified-time 2023-11-20:12:21:23
      policies {
      asm_auto_l7_policy__atl_prod_netlify_drain_vs { }
      profiles {
      ASM_netlify-drain-prod-rapid { }
      bot-defense-upgraded-from-netlify-drain-prod-dos { }
      http { }{
      context clientside
      netlify-drain-prod-dos { }
      tcp { }
      websecurity { }
      rules {
      security-log-profiles {
      serverssl-use-sni disabled
      source-address-translation {
      type automap
      translate-address enabled
      translate-port enabled
      vs-index 59