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Nov 21, 2022

Simple iRule to route to particular pools based upton a specific header value.

I am hoping this is a simple ask (nobbie in iRule scripting) , I am trying to create an irule that will route to specific pools based up on cookie header value. 

For e.g. 

Cookie header "Toggle"

Value "Y" or "N"

If toggle = Y goto Pool A

If toggle = N goto Pool B


  • Hi viziony , 

    Could you please try this : 


    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    if { [HTTP::header "Toggle"] equals "YES" }{
        pool pool_A
    } else {
        pool pool_B
    #you can replace "equals" operator by "contains"


    Try it and give me your feedback 
    hope this helps you. 

  • Hi viziony  - it looks like you gave a kudo to Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh 's reply, so I'm going to mark that as the Accepted Solution to make it easier for someone else to see the answer. If that answer didn't help you, please let me know so I can change that status. 🙂

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