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Aug 13, 2013

Show iRule SNAT Statistics

I have a number of LTM wildcard Virtual Servers defined which have iRules applied that NAT the source address. Here is an example of an iRule:

when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { snat }

I am seeing intermittent dropped connections and I am trying to determine if I am exhausting the ephemeral ports. I have tried running 'tmsh show ltm snat detail', but that only appears to display the statistics for defined SNATs and not SNAT functions generated from an iRule.

Is there a way to show the statistics for a SNAT that is defined in an iRule, but not defined in the SNAT list?

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  • HI Eric,


    you might not get stats on an arbitrarily selected address from an iRule. Instead, you should be able to define a SNAT pool (even of 1 IP address) and select that from the iRule using 'snat my_snat_pool'.




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    The other option would be to track stats manually within the iRule via the stats profile or the like, which would then allow you to pull stats as desired. That route, however, would likely be a bit more work, while offering more flexibility, so it's a decision on RoI.