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May 10, 2012

Sharepoint 2010, NTLM and OneConnect Profiles

We are attempting to setup Sharepoint 2010 on the F5 (Version 11.1 HF1) and we are having issues. It is extremely slow when going through the F5. I set it up using the application template assuming it would set it up to best practices however i guess i was wrong. I looked at the deployment guide for Sharepoint 2010 and I see that it says on page 1-13 ...



If you are using NTLM authentication, the default authentication method for


SharePoint Portal Server, do not use a OneConnect profile on the BIG-IP


system for this deployment





Well if you use the template and tell it you are using NTLM it setup up a oneconnect profile as well and assigns it to the virtual server!




Has anyone run across this before? Do i need to unassign the OneConnect Profile?




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    hey Brent it looks like you are using the v10 deployment guide instead of v11.



    The iApp assigns an NTLM profile to the virtual server. This sets a cookie that is used to tie a client to the specific server-side TCP connection which it has previously used to authenticate. As long as you're using strict NTLM (not Negotiate) auth, this should work. Even if it weren't, I don't think slowness would be the symptom, so there may be something else going on there.



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    You can remove it and the NTLM profile for troubleshooting, but if it's not causing a problem I'd recommend keeping it.
  • Hi brent ,


    Did you reach the resolution of slowness issue... ????