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Oct 26, 2011

SharePoint 2010 - virtual with two pools

We are trying to implement SharePoint 2010 using one virtual server with two pools using a pool for each site. dv-strsohioportal is the virtual server which has an irule that sends traffic to a specific pool based on the URI being either dv-strsohioportal/sites/inv or dv-strsohioportal/sites/its. The irule works but it appears that the AAM is not configured correctly because SharePoint returns a 404 error once it translates the URI to dv-strsohioportal/sites/inv/default.aspx or dv-strsohioportal/sites/its/default.aspx.








log local0. "URI - [HTTP::uri]"


if { [HTTP::host] contains "dv-strsohioportal" } {


log local0. "URI - [HTTP::uri]"


switch -regexp [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {


"/sites/its.*" {


log local0. "This time pool - ITS"


pool dv-strsohioportal_its_pool }


"/sites/inv.*" {


log local0. "This time pool - INV"


pool dv-strsohioportal_inv_pool }










If they add dv-strsohioportal to the AAM configuration it redirects to 10.100.x.x/sites/inv/default.aspx or 10.100.x.x/sites/its/default.aspx. Should we abandon using AAM and try to use the IIS rewrite rules instead?








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