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Jun 28, 2011

SharePoint 2010 - FAST Search Document Preview Did Not Show Up

Hi, We have the following SharePoint FAST search topology (all servers with Window Server 2008 64-bit Enterprise):



1. 2 SharePoint 2010 server with F5 Load Balancer (sp-fep01, sp-fep02), DNS name


2. 1 SharePoint 2010 Application Server (sp-app)


3. 1 SharePoint 2010 Index/Crawl Server (sp-idx)


4. 2 FAST Search 2010 Server, one for admin (fst-adm) and one for index (fst-idx)


5. 2 Clustered SQL 2008


6. Kerberos authentication for both central admin and portal web application


7. SSL certificate and Redirect was handled by F5 (I did not setup the SSL cert on sp-fep01 and sp-fep02 or port 443 in IIS server since it was handle by F5,


or import any SSL cert in Central Admin) so when user key in it redirect to


8. Office Web Apps was installed on all servers


9. KB 2512800, KB 2475878, KB 2459257 were applied


10. Fast Search Center was created with FAST Search site template


11. Followed this article for setup AAM


12. Content source of portal pointed to http://sp-idx server (I mapped Central Admin host file ip address of sp-idx server)



Internal URL:


Zone: Default



Internal URL:


Zone: Default



Internal URL: http://sp-idx



Zone: Intranet



(Note: Any other AAM setup different than above caused server crawl failed)



I was abled to see the search results with document preview thumbnail by browsing http://sp-idx


I am not able to see document preview thumbnail if I try to access



What could be wrong? Is there any special properties in F5 that I had to setup or on SharePoint/Fast search config that I missed.



I also check out this article, but it did not work too.



Thanks for your help.


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  • I also discovered the followings:


    1. If I do server name mappings in sharepoint central admin to then when I perform the search, here is what happened


    a. link to the document in result search page pointed to


    b. link to "view in browser" point to


    c. No document thumbnail


    2. If I removed the servername mapping


    a. link to the document in result search page pointed to


    b. link to "view in browser" point to


    c. Document thumbnail display OK


    I don't know if there is a bug in FAST search, we are only get the document thumbnail if we remove the server name mapping and content source point to crawl server . However, this is not secure since we want both the link to the document point to not .




  • Anyone can help me with this issue, our front-ends are behind an big-ip F5 LTM in load-balancing mode. my document preview thumbnail worked over SSL without F5, as soon as we use F5, the issue occurred. Is there any property in F5 that I had to configure to show document preview thumbnail?



  • Hi,



    I suggest opening a case with F5 Support to get help troubleshooting this issue. It's beyond the complexity that you can really deal with in forums.