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Mar 05, 2024

Setting up Pool healthchecks for apps

Hi,   So  i am experimenting with setting up healthchecks to some of our apps that have recently had health check code added in.

essentially the health check for ready will sit at   https://appurl/api/health/ready.

i am trying to setup this monitor for the healthcheck and not sure I am doing this correctly.

Here is my configuration.

type: https

parent: https

send string:   GET /api/health/ready HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n

receive sting:  HTTP/1.[01] [23]0[0-6]
receive disable string:  Unhealthy

It shows both nodes in pool using the healthcheck as defined above as unhealthy.

when I call the healthcheck for the site  I get this


a couple of questions.

1.  for sites with ssl termination on the webserver,  I should use type https and parent https correct?

2. Can I use the receive string of   "Healthy"  and receive disable string of  "Unhealthy"

3. Can I pass in the host information that comes into the VIP down to the pool and into the send string so it was more generic like this

send string:   GET /api/health/ready HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: [HTTP::host] \r\n

Otherwise I will need a healthcheck monitor for every app.

thanks in advance.


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    1. Yes, you monitor the server using the http scheme it expects
    2. Receive disable string of "Unhealthy" is enough. In most cases, no need to use both
    3. No you can't, you'll need a custom monitor for each app