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Mar 23, 2024

Setting up F5 5000 in Lab

Hi Experts,


I have an f5 5000 and I want to use it in my lab. I can get into it via the AOM and have an IP. The password is the default one. So that is good. But the browser gets nothing when I go https://<IP>. SSH to the IP gets me an AOM menu. How do I get to the CLI shell or the web menu.?

I am more interested in getting to the management of the box then making it function as a load balancer. cli and snmp access is all I am interested in immediately.

Below is the screen I get to from cli and from console. I never get anything but, number sequence in the bottom right hand corner. f5-23-26-30 are the numbers. Had to video it and slow it down to see the numbers.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you in advance. 





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