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Apr 27, 2011

Set the nexthop within Monitor



I have a setup where routing to outbound 3rd party destinations is determined via the 'nexthop' gloabal irule command and applied to the VIP.


If I want to configure monitors on the BIGip for these destinations I can't rely upon the route table on the BIGip. (client request).



can anyone think of any possibilities?


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  • Hi Kev,



    Is the destination IP address dynamically selected? If so, you could use an inline monitor to look for layer 4 load balancing failures in load balanced traffic. Or you could use the LB_FAILED event to detect failures. If it's not dynamically selected, but it's a transparent destination, you could use a transparent monitor.



    Else, can you clarify the scenario?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Thanks for the reply,



    The set up is as follows:


    - GTM and LTM devices in the network.


    - The LTM's are configured as 'one arm' and not the default route for the servers.


    - We are wanting to use the LTM as a reverse proxy for out and in file transfers from deeper layers in the Dmz


    - The route table on the LTM has a default only for iquery and mgt traffic over self ip. All other traffic that flows into the box can get back out due to the knowledge of the mac address of where it came from.


    - When initiating traffic from the box is when we run into the issue of needing to ensure the correct gateway for the vlan is selected. Hence the thought about Global nexthop irule.


    - If we can get the nexthop irule to work, I am then wondering about how to get the monitors to work if we wanted to track whether the destination is available.


    - In regards to dynamic destination - Could an iRule perform a lookup on a name that would not change? For example ''. At the moment I am thinking to assign a static ip as the destination pool member at this stage.