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Apr 25, 2023

Session persistence of priority group

I have a question about priority groups.

Let's call the high priority group Active.
Let's call the lower priority group Standby.

I understand that if the Active group goes down, it will LB to the Standby group.
When the Standby group is LB'd, will the session that the Active group had be maintained?

I'm wondering if there is a momentary disconnect... How can I test this?

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  • Hi hakeemkim,

    When the pool member become unavailable, "action on service down" feature specifies how the system will respond.

    K15095: Overview of the Action On Service Down feature

    When a virtual server references a priority group pool, persistence may cause traffic to persist to a node in a lower priority group even after a higher priority group is reactivated.

    K8968: Enabling persistence for a virtual server allows returning clients to bypass load balancing