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May 24, 2021

session outcome

Good day all,


In forcing a pool member down (pool has two members), what will result for existing user sessions to the member which will/is being made down.

how is the expected behaviour from big-ip.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi


    This info can be found here -


    Pertinent points being...


    When set to Disabled, a node or pool member continues to process persistent and active connections. It can accept new connections only if the connections belong to an existing persistence session.


    When set to Forced Offline, a node or pool member allows existing connections to time out, but no new connections are allowed.

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      What is the case when one of the member is not taken down by big-ip administrator, but one of the the actual member server is either shut down or is restarting? How will existing traffic to that member behave?

  • If by default it rebalance connections to other available member, will the users connection to previous member (which now has gone down) disrupt momentarily before moving to another available member. how will the user experience be in this case?


  • It really depends on the protocol. If this is HTTP then I would expect the client to retry the request. Other protocols will behave differently