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Aug 17, 2011

session cookie



I am not sure if the F5 8900 LTMs would support the below. Hopefully someone on the board may be able to help me out:


We would like to create a unique session cookie for a user session.



So when a user hits the F5 we want a cookie to be set on the browser to last the lifetime of the users browser session.


This is NOT the cookie to be used for load balancing, this is just a cookie to tie all the users interactions together.



Please can someone guide me here, perhaps a link/reference to some documentation?


Thanks in advance.











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  • Hi Hitesh,



    Here is a thread where we discussed this:





    You could insert the cookie with HTTP::cookie insert in the HTTP_RESPONSE event if it didn't exist already in the request:





  • What is the default time out for this Session cookie ? that is required for a troubleshoot sol.
  • That would depend on how you created the cookie. If you don't set the Expires flag in the Set-Cookie header then the cookie will be session-based and only last for the lifetime of the browser window.