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May 06, 2011

server side clone pool




I'm doing a little proof of concept with clone pools. I have created a clone pool and configured this pool on the VS as client side and every thing works fine. On the clone pool member I can capture incoming traffic using pcap.




When I change the configuration to a server side clone pool (so after network translation) I do not see any traffic on the clone pool member.




The VS uses snat (automap).




Any suggestions why this may happen?












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  • Hi Richard,



    See your other post here:





  • Hi Aaron,



    Not sure what you mean with the reference to my other post. It is related but not exactly the same as the referenced post relates to activate cloning through an irule (it is not a cross post).




    This post relates to configuration of a server side clone pool. The client side clone pool works fine, but when I switch it to server side I see no traffic on the clone pool member.