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Apr 12, 2011

Separating traffic based on the destination IP

Hi All



I am new about F5 irule and facing a difficulty currently. Hope anyone can give me a hand to solve this.




My question is so far we are having two physical servers are connecting to F5 with different IP. What I want to do it to separate all the inbound traffic to different destinations based on the destination IP. Could you please show me what rule I need to write for achieving this goal?




Thank you very much and looking forward to see your reply.





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  • Can you help me understand your design a bit better?



    1. Are the two servers sending traffic outbound through the F5 or are the pool members of the F5 receiving inbound traffic?


    2. When you say "separate inbound traffic to different destinations" - do you mean send it to different pool members? If that's the case, I'm confused when you say "destination IP" because the destination IP of inbound traffic would be the Virtual Server.