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May 06, 2011

Self IP Address and Sync Address and Interfaces

OK, someone who knows please explain the proper way to set up a few VLANs, and Sync port and SelfIPs for each.



I set up Pools, nodes, and virtual servers for our Oracle application here, and when we hit the main page, somehow the Self-IP of the VLAN and the Self IP of the Sync Port are returning Data alongside the Virtual Server address?



This is very confusing!








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  • Hi Jeff,



    Each LTM in a redundant pair will send monitor requests from the static self IP on the server VLAN to the pool members. So that might be the traffic you're seeing.



    Generally, I suggest setting up at least one external VLAN for clients to connect on, one internal VLAN for LTM to load balance to the pool members and one sync VLAN that's dedicated between the two LTM units. The management port should be on a separate subnet as well.



    For the HA config, you can can use the sync VLAN for one identifier and the mgmt for the second. For config sync and mirroring, using the sync VLAN on a switch port will be faster than trying to use the mgmt port.



  • OK, I think the problem is that I have the HA address on the same VLAN as the Pool and the VLAN I am using for it.