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Nov 13, 2023

Security Policy not syncing between devices

  Greetings, A few days ago, I had to perform a security update and observed a discrepancy in the synchronization of security policies between the two high-availability (HA) devices. To illustrate,...
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    Nov 13, 2023

    buzzkilleryou could follow this up as hereunder and let me know if it is fixed or not.
    1- make sure to create a new device group "sync-only",  you could create it sync automatically or manually

    2- then assign it under Security ›› Options : Application Security : Synchronization : Application Security Synchronization
    3-and repeat applying sync on it.
    4- After making sure syncing with that approach, try again to set WAF sync back to "datasync-global-dg" not your created sync-only group.
    -> it would be resolved