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Apr 03, 2023

SAML metadata file question

Have a SAML metadata file that contains two certificates (one about to expire and a new one). If file is changed on Azure side so that new certificate is active, does anything need to change on the F5? Do we need to redo the metadata files which show an expiration date of April 13, 2023?

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  • thanks everyone. Security group ended up doing a new metadata file with only one certificate.

  • lashleya - sounds like you need an answer pretty soon, so I'm poking around to see if I can find a SME to reply to you, in case nobody from the community replies quickly.

  • Hi

    If i understand correctly, the new certificate comes from the SP (APM) and you want to update the Azure AD (IDP) config with this new cert. 

    No need to re-import AAD metadata into APM. Config will remain the same if you don't change anything else in AAD.