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Apr 22, 2020

SAML Azure IdP and SSO between multiple VS



We are looking at a solution to setup SAML authentication with Azure IdP. We don’t have any problem to esablish the Federation and publish single App (for example


Basically we create a Federation and register as Enterprise App in Azure. Export & Import Metadata and everything works fine.


However our issue is that we have a lot of applications to secure (~150 App). All these Apps are directly accessible from the browser. That means no need to login on a APM portal to get access. We are looking for a solution to avoid registering these 150 apps in Azure as specific applications.


Do you know if there is a way to implement a SSO between all apps and only register one VS (for example with Azure IdP) ? That would clearly simplify the setup


Tried this without success :


If not possible via direct access do you think using APM portal could help on this ?



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