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Dec 23, 2011

Safari on IOS 5 randomly switches images

After ios5 was released, we started getting reports from our readers that images was randomly switched/duplicated on our website. Basicly our setup is terminating http on bigip->varnish->apache.

Ofcourse we believe its a bug in ios, but we havent been able to replicate the problem when skipping bigip and sending the http traffic straight to the varnish servers.




Please read our blog for details:





Has anyone else seen anything similar?






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  • Hi Stein,



    Which LTM version are you running? Can you print out the virtual server definition using 'tmsh list ltm virtual VS_NAME'?



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    Hey Stein -



    Thanks for including your detailed blog post. Noah (in the blog's comments) mentioned having the same problem on a device using the Opera browser, and that disabling pipelining in the client solved his issue.



    Out of curiosity, have you tried a different browser, a la, Dolphin, Atomic, etc.? If so, were you able to replicate the issue with the BigIP in play? If not, doing so may help eliminate iOS 5 as the culprit and allow us to zero in on Safari itself. For further analysis with Safari, the Debug Console, under Safari Advanced settings may be useful.





  • Hi,



    we're using ltm v 10.2.2-763.0




    tmsh list ltm virtual




    This one gives no swapped images:




    ltm virtual {




    ip-protocol tcp




    persist {


    source_addr {


    default yes






    pool varnish_m323_l4


    profiles {


    fastL4 { }




    snat automap









    But this one does:




    ltm virtual vg.no_m323 {




    ip-protocol tcp




    pool varnish_m323


    profiles {


    tcp-lan-optimized {


    context serverside




    tcp-wan-optimized {


    context clientside






    rules {















  • Can you try the L7 virtual server with a custom OneConnect profile with a /32 source mask?



  • That could be a problem, as OneConnect and Varnish is not the best of friends. Havent tried it in a few years, but the last time I tried OneConnect, Varnish closes the connection before the BigIP wants it to, resulting in 200OK, but empty responses to the client.