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Mar 13, 2023

rSeries clean shut down

I am remotely managing some rSeries appliances for a customer.  Two of the appliances must be physically moved soon.  I have found KB articles telling me what NOT to do when powering off a rSeries appliance, but I have not found a document with a recommended shut down process.  Naturally, I will remotely set all tenants from Deployed to Provisioned first. Engineers on site can will have hands on the appliances.  Which method will provide the cleanest shut down for F5OS:  console in to AOM and select "P" option, or use the LCD (I assume there is a "Power Off" option)?  Or is there is another method?

Thank you.

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  • I did read that KB article, thank you.  Since it was written as a solution to a problem, rather than a SOP, I wasn't sure it applied.  These rSeries are running F5OS 1.3.2, and are NOT configured for appliance mode.  The release notes for F5OS 1.3.2 do explicitly state that running 'halt' and then physically removing power from the appliance is an acceptable procedure in appliance mode or non-appliance mode under this version.  We can do that, though, I would prefer to see an acknowledgment from F5 that 'shutdown -h now' is acceptable and safe in non-appliance mode.


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      As per the article "K22954168", i think is it safe to use any command if the appliance mode is disabled, and the concer was only when the appliance mode enabled. as you mentioned you can go with the hald procedure, and you can check the below article as well:

      "Alternatively, you can power off the system using the halt command (do not use the -p option). Once the serial console reports the device has been halted, then unplug the power to the appliance. In this case the "last power state" of the appliance is "powered on". When input power is re-applied, the appliance will automatically power on and boot."