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Sep 11, 2011

RPC client access to EXCHANGE 2010

I am facing issues with RPC-Client access. There is a firewall between the clients and SERVERS. F5 is in the same subnet as SERVERS. When a client initiates an RPC session to F5 the first packt to F5 VIP uses port 135. the Endpoint mapper service on the client resolves the destination IP of the real servers rather than that of the F5 virtual IP. This is not recognized by my firewall. CAN F5 NAT the RPC Endpoint Mapper service replies from the real servers and then send it to the clients?

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  • Did you run CAS array configuration commands on each CAS server that are described on page 16 of the F5 Exchange 2010 deployment guide?
  • Hi Mikhael,


    Thanks for your interest. Yes we have done that part and I have reconfirmed it. Still facing the same issue.
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    Hello, do you have either a SNAT pool or AutoMap enabled on the RPC virtual IP, or the server side self-IP address of the BIG-IP set as the default gateway on the CAS? If so, the CAS servers should be sending their replies back through the BIG-IP on the way to the clients, which will see the client side self-IP as the source address.