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Mar 08, 2012

Rogue BIGIP- shipping with new BIG-IPs

A client recently received a couple of brand new 3900s which came pre-built with 10.2.3 in one boot location and 11.1.0 in another. I noticed though that when I looked in /shared/imaged I could see only one iso called



BIGIP- i.e. no 11.1.0 iso.



On closer inspection I noticed something funny, the iso was much bigger than any other f5 iso I have seen, weighing in at 1.35GB, by contrast the 10.2.3 iso you can download from askf5 Downloads is 882MB.



I downloaded the rogue BIGIP- from one of the new 3900s to my PC and opened the archive with 7-zip to find that as well as the software for 10.2.3 it did indeed contain the software for 11.1.0 also (picture attached).



Has anybody else seen or notice this?



Does anybody know why f5 have chosen to name this file the same as the true 10.2.3 iso?




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  • I'd guess it's a manufacturing build. Worst case you could delete it. If you see an issue with this, you could check with F5 Support on it.



  • You are right hoolio, you do get the txt below if you try and image2disk using the iso. It is a bit naughty to name the file the way they have though.



    info: manufacturing plan for C106:


    info: --- boot volume set is HD1.1


    info: --- HD1.1 => BIG-IP Version 10.2.3 Build 112.0 (modules: LTM.ROS.SAM.TS.WA.WOC)


    info: --- HD1.2 => BIG-IP Version 11.1.0 Build (modules: LTM.ROS.SAM.TS.WA.WOC)


    This is the manufacturing installation!