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Nov 06, 2019

Rewrite/Hide URL

Hi All,


i have a two quesions:


  1. Is it possible to redirect site to some external site let´s say but hide ?


2, I have already tried to make redirection via ltm policy, by this way: if HTTP Host is at request redirect to some website - but it works only for http, for https it is not possible, do you have idea, why it works, only for http ?


Thank you



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  • I believe the reason the why the ltm policy might fail for https is because of the location header thats there in the response coming from the server. When the incoming connection is https to the virtual, the decryption happens and then the requests are sent over http channel to the backend server (if your backend server is http). Which inturn would have a Redirection Location header specifying its following on http protocol, whereas the actual client came in https. Thus fails.

    I think as long as the backend server is running on https and on the same port as of the https virtual port, this is achievable.

    Also if possible, try to achieve this through Irule, by replacing the host header in the http request -

    HTTP::header replace host ""

    And forward the traffic directly to that particular pool.

    Also share your existing rewrite profile settings.

  • Hi jaikumar_f5,


    I have tried it via policy.


    If I do it by this way, it forward/redirect me to, but this is not solution, solution is to see and be on site


    And when I add there forwarding traffic to particular pool, replace rule is ignored.


    Do you have idea, what could be issue ?



  • I don't think your request is possible to implement because you can't control the external site's response. You may have to explore some kind of full proxy to mask the domain name.