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May 20, 2011

Restricting Access to Specific URI Mappings

I have external access to specific Sharepoint sites and restrict access to only those sites I allow. I'm also converting from WAF Apache rules to iRules on new ASM/LTMs. Soliciting suggestions as to the optimal method or iRule to accomplish this task. I would prefer to not use the entire proxypass iRule for the task. Below is a sanitized snippet from my mod_proxy rule that does this:



SharePoint Web Application baseline mappings


ProxyPass /favicon.ico


ProxyPass /_layouts/


ProxyPassReverse /



Individual SharePoint site mappings


ProxyPass /sites/defg/hij


ProxyPass /sites/klmn


ProxyPass /sites/opq


ProxyPass /sites/rstu


ProxyPass /sites/vwxy


ProxyPass /sites/zab



Version 10.2.1.



2 Replies

  • Can you use Sharepoint's Alternate Access Mappings for this? That would be the simplest method for converting external URIs to internal URIs.



    For restricting access to specific URIs, you can use ASM. iRules cannot provide the level of normalization that ASM does natively. You'd want to configure the specific URIs that users should be able to access as URLs in the ASM policy.



  • Thanks for the reply Aaron.


    I appreciate your expertise in these areas and your willingness to share and help out in this forum.


    I'll look at using the ASM policies to accomplish this.