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Oct 22, 2010

Restart a service when a pool member is marked 'down'?

Hi. I'm new to the F5 community. I'm reading all I can and I'm lucky enough to have some hardware to run small tests on as well. My manager is asking me if the F5 can start a windows service once the F5 knows it's down. I basically forwarded him this:




Action on Service Down setting specifies the action that you want the BIG-IP system to take when the service on a pool member becomes unavailable.



-- The BIG-IP system takes no action. This is the default action.


-- The BIG-IP system sends an RST (TCP-only) or ICMP message.



-- The BIG-IP system simply cleans up the connection.


-- The BIG-IP system selects a different node.


Reselect action in certain cases only, such as:


with address translation disabled.


Protocol setting is set to UDP.




Action on Service Down setting and select a value from the list.





I suggested we use priority group activation but apparently only one server can have their services running at a time. Am I right in saying there's no way the F5 can start a windows service when a member is deemed 'down'?


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  • Hi NzYme,



    Here is a link to a related post. I think Deb's suggestion of doing this on the load balanced server itself might be the most efficient method.



    Monitoring a Microsoft Windows Service




  • You might be able to use OpenPegasus to give F5 ability to 'talk' to windows server using WMI and let syslog-ng trigger the script when a member is deemed down. The script should use WMI to start the service.



    Pegasus is an open-source implementationof the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards. For more info, go to