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Dec 12, 2023

RestAPI displaying throughput data in wrong formatting (possible packets) instead of bps or Mbps

Developing a custom UI & fetching throughput data w/ python using API endpoint https://mgmt_IP/mgmt/tm/sys/performance/throughput 
Attached photo is the raw data I am pulling, which doesn't make sense. After researching, I am seeing BUG ID: 1060769 might be creating issue & possibly displaying raw data in packets per second, rather than the expected bits per second (bps)

I need to be able to pull the correct data & display in Mbps after converting from bps so it's human-readable
(Dashboard shows average throughput "in/out" is fluctuating between 30-35Mbps) ~ which is the correct data.
Tmos version i'm running is 17.1.1 
Is this possible? Or is this a bug still affecting version 17.1.1?
Thanks for the help!



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  • Can you capture the exact response from the BIG-IP to see if it contains the expected values, but in the malformatted way that is discussed in that article you linked? 

    This issue does not seem to be fixed in any version yet. However, you should be able to work around it if you can apply some manipulation to the raw JSON BEFORE it's read by your parsing library.