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Jan 25, 2012

Reporting on one VS and multiple websites




We're on a BIGIP V11 with LTM/APM/ASM


We actually have one virtual server for multiple (and different) websites. This is the way we've done it because we've only got one public IP to assign to all the websites.



I would like to be able to get statistics for each website but as we've only got one virtual server this is not possible.


I was thinking of making a loop so that a main virtual server would redirect to individual virtual server depending on the URI (if URL is A redirect to virtual server A, if URL is B redirect to virtual server B and so on). That way I'd be able to get stats for each websites.



But I was wondering how would you guys handle that case ?



Thanks in advance


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  • How are you breaking out the requests to go to the different modules? I assume you're using an iRule which does URI inspection? If so, you could report based on the selected pool. Or you could add a stats profile to the virtual server and increment stats on that profile based on which web app the request was for:





  • Hello,



    Sorry for the delay !


    Yes we're using an irule that does URI inspection.


    In the analytics module of V11, an analytics profile can only be assigned to a virtual server.


    Your answers seem good but do they apply to the AVR module as well ?



    Thanks in advance