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Apr 11, 2017

Replacing float-ip on default traffic group

Sorry for the long post. I have an active/standby HA pair of 6900's running 11.6.1. I am using the default traffic group with float-ip's for each server vlan and the float-ip's (.1) are the DG for each server vlan. We are now preparing to move that DG role off of the F5's and over to the core switch. This means I will need to give up that .1 float-ip for each server vlan and create a new float-ip that will be used for only automap source nat's for load-balance pool traffic.


The plan is to... 1. Move the .1 float-ip DG for a couple of vlans at a time over a few weeks. 2. For each migration, on the standby unit, I will create a new float-ip (say .4) and assign it to the same default traffic group that the existing .1 float is part of. 3. Delete the .1 float-ip, leaving the new .4 float-ip in the default traffic group. 4. Failover to the standby, have the .1 go live on the core switches, clear arps and fingers crossed. If successful, then do the other F5. I'm know any existing pool connection using the old .1 automap source nat will be torn down after the failover, but that is to be expected.


I know that's kind of a simplified high level approach but is that basically the steps I will need to do? Any unseen "gotcha's" I need to consider? Thanks!


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  • Make sure any ACL between the F5 and the servers are updated for monitor checks and normal traffic flow.


    If servers use F5 as default gateway, update them as needed.


    Always backup configuration/license on the device and off the device, just in case.