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Mar 07, 2011

Renewing 100+ SSL Certificates - Easier way?

Is there a way to renew/generate the csr files and the import the new certificates from the command line?



I have about 100+ certificates that need to be renewed this week and would like to script this, I plan on updating the all the client and server profiles to use the new intermediate keys via the command line, but it'd be nice if I could create and import the certs as well...



Anyone have any suggestions besides the web gui, icontrol...



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    You can use openssl to create the key pairs and CSR's. As long as you put the files into the correct subdirectories (And have them in the correct formats etc), then the system should be fine. The keys, certs etc are all kept under /config/ssl/...



    (In fact you could even create them centrally and copy them out using ssh (scp or sftp) if you really wanted).