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Apr 13, 2022

Remove deleted files that still occupy space

I have run below command because i have full partion :

lsof -ws | grep -i 'size\|deleted'

to list all deleted files that occupy space , i got a result sth like:

mysqld           /shared/tmp/******* (deleted)

java                  /var/log/nsyncd.log.***(deleted)

httpd                 /run/httpd_ssl_mutex/******** (deleted)

HTTP_TRAF     /var/tmstat/private/******* (deleted)

AVR_R_TIM      /var/tmstat/private/******** (deleted)

AVR_SCHED  /var/tmstat/private/**** (deleted)

avrd        /var/tmstat/private/**** (deleted)

and many anothers, i have checked the path with winscp but it show as empty. So is it safe to delete them? if yes then how? cuz the folder is empty but it listed with the mentioned command using cli .

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  • Hello THE_BLUE.

    Take into account this:

    The NAME column displays the file's location. In the previous example, the bigd process is keeping a file open in /var/log/monitors, which is 2,018,573,650 bytes (roughly 2 GB). For the disk space to be released, either the bigd process must release the file permanently or it releases when you restart the bigd service.



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      Manythanks for sharing, really helpful.

      But is it safe to resart any sevice ex: TmstatAda , will not have any impact in my data/device?

      i will resart the service on my offline device ( secondary)

      • You could restart your whole device as part as a maintenance task.

        1. Restart B unit (standby) 

        2. Failover cluster

        3. Restart A unit (standby)

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