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Oct 11, 2011

Remote Cloud/Object store plugins for Cloud Ext product

Hi Everyone,



We are a cloud provider to the educational space and are getting ready to deploy the F5 cloud extender product to our clients.




CE has some really compelling benefits to customers looking to take advantage of cloud based storage, the plugin architecture makes not only choosing a cloud provider less of a risk since it's easy to change/migrate later to another external cloud storage vendor but also provides the rich feature set of having a virtual ARX in house.




In our space one of the most powerful policies is to move and stub out local data that has not been accessed in a year. We are finding over 70% of our unstructured file data meets this criteria alone, and having the ARX/CE combination to be an amazing way to manage the huge growth we see.




We are currently doing an evaluation of object stores ourselves to host on premise and wondered if anyone else was running them and what their results have shown.




I am at SNW Fall 2011 now and there are some compelling companies in this space, a few we are watching are:






Open Stack (swift)


Clever Safe




What are others thinking about and doing with tiering their files securely both in house and to the cloud?








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    Hey Jason,



    First, thank you for the solid ARX CE endorsement - we think it is the right product to help customers manage unstructured data and continually take advantage of the continuous change in the economics of storage.



    The two most popular private-based cloud end points we are seeing are EMC's Atmos and NFS-based solutions. We have not seen a lot of interest in Clever Safe or Amplidata. Open stack-based deployments are emerging. customers like Atmos due to its replication capabilities, but there are some caveats with used with ARX CE.



    We'd love to hear from others out there on this topic. Jason, thanks for starting it!