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Sep 12, 2018

Regarding 101 Exam Certification

Hi Experts,


Hope you are guys are really doing great!!


I will be writing 101 in coming days, May i have any help regarding practice exam, Study material and also would like to know the price of exam. I have been reading Philip Johnson First edition study guide and almost i have finished reading it. do i need to read any another material or it is sufficient for 101?


I really wanted expert advice on the same as i am have been following this forum quite long and believe this is the right place to move further.


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  • Hi,


    So for that you have study guide:



    And you can check blueprint that reference all you need to know for your certification:



    it's the 2 elements you need to revise. si tu as des doutes sur certains points spécifiés dans le blueprint, check on F5 site..


    Hope it's clear. let me know if you need more details.




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      I am just new to F5 and wanted to enroll in F5 certification, as i come to know that there is prerequisit to pass exam 101 to proceed further, kindly advise the courese materials and link for the same in order to get well prepare for exam 101.





  • Thank you guys supporting mine and Steven Iveson's book. Just for clarification, my last name is actually spelled Jönsson in Swedish but I remove the dots to help non-Swedish people pronounce my name. :p


    Either way, like previous answers suggest, even though you have already purchased our book, using F5's study guide which is free is a good way of making sure you are not missing anything.


    However, both material are quite old and are in need of a refresh. I first released the original version of the F5 Study guide back in 2013 and later that year it got converted into an F5 study guide. And our own written book was released in December 2014.


    The exam has changed a lot since then. I suggest you to purchase an official F5 101 practice exam in order to identify which blueprint objectives you need to focus on. They are available here:


    Exam Studio Online


    Other than that I would read the following sources:


    That should cover the missing pieces.


    Most of these are already covered in the 201 book in great detail.


    We are actually in the process of updating the 101 book and creating our Second Edition in order to comply with the newer and updated exam.


    Good luck on your upcoming exam! :)


  • Hi Everyone,


    I am newbie to F5 and planning to become F5 CA certified. I have gone through the 101 study guide and looking for practice exams for 101 Also it would be of immense help if anyone could guide me further with 201 prep as well. There are too many different logins and different places of resources in F5.. website structure is not very user friendly (F5 University/ Dev Central and the exam studio). Exam studio is not letting me login despite changing the password successfully multiple times


    Regards, Ananth Mocherla


  • i dont understand, what is the actual study material F5 gives?? the study guide Certification_Study_Guide_101.pdf can help you but is not the actual material you can use to answer all questions!!! i did the exam and there what question asking what are 2 protocols used to retrieve email, the guide talks about SMTP and POP3 and not IMAP, but the options were those 3 and 2 more and you have to choose only 2!!! and i think imap is one option.... or there was another question, when all https resposenses are sent from the server, the client sends a FIN packet, with what will the server responds, really??? the guide does not even talks about FIN packets!!!