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Jan 18, 2024

Refresh "older" APM Policy?

Hey all, 

Was curious to hear anyone's opinions on at what point during the lifecycle of an APM policy (for instance, i have one that has roots in v11.5) should I consider building a fresh one? 

Similarly, is there any guidance on converting a policy to Modern templates?


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  • when you upgrade - the schema can and does change - and the new features are available for use.

    i have migrated apps using the export / import feature which will also adjust the schema if needed

  • Re-evaluation of authentication/authorization logic is a great thing to keep on top of. 

    APM's customization system is complicated. The template files that define all of the end-user facing HTML and JS are written when you first create the per-session access profile (which also creates the policy). You'll have to create a new one to try out Modern. Other than the end-user web content, modern and standard policies operate the same way.