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Jul 05, 2012

Redirect user traffic if TCP queue is full

Hi all,



I would like to create a iRule which can redirect user traffic if tcp queue is full since if tcp queue is full then BIG-IP will drop new tcp conneciton.



As far as I know, Citrix NetScaler has this kind of feature. I have been looking for appropriate command like LB::queue but I couldn't find.



Any help would be appreciated.

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  • have you checked v11? is it applicable?



    LB_QUEUED wiki

  • Hi Nitass,


    I don't think that this is applicable.


    According to below descryption, "LB_QUEUED" is a serverside event but what I am looking for is that a event triggered when a client side TCP queue is full.


    "LB_QUEUED is a serverside event triggered when a connection limit is hit at the pool or pool member level. HTTP redirection is permissable in this event, but HTTP::retry is not. If the queue limit is exceeded, LB_FAILED will be triggered."



    I believe that TCP queue is a new feature which is released in v11.2 so LB_QUEUED is not designed for TCP Queue.