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Sep 27, 2022

redirect UDP traffic (srt/rtmp)

HI folk, 

Currently the company needs to implement a new service for streaming in SRT and RTMP, this works with UDP protocol, but they want to redirect based on URL, is that possible? Or what option can F5 give in this type of situation?

eg when SRT:// arrives send that 123 to a server that has the 123 service, but when SRT:// arrives it should be redirected to another server.

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  • Hey Mario_Franco I'm looking into this. There's no native protocol profiles that can be utilized for SRT and RTMP within BIG-IP. I'm looking around to see if there's other solutions available to help with your use case.

  • Hey Mario_Franco , sorry, looks like there isn't anything else to address this for you at this time. If anything ever comes up, I'll come back to this post.

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