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Mar 18, 2011

Redirect to a pool based on cookie value

Hi Gurus,



Need some help with iRules, I am oracle applications dba and do not know much about the iRule thing in F5. We have 4 web server nodes and I defined 4 pools one server in each pool.












I am trying to direct a call from Oracle applications based on value of cookie. Then name of cookie is "OracleCookie"


if the value has "OraB" direct to Pool-B, "OraC" direct to Pool-C. "OraD" direct to Pool-D and default direct to Pool-A,




I have a iRule like this:




Try to select a pool based on the http cookie containing pool information


if { [HTTP::cookie exists "OracleCookie"] and [HTTP::cookie value "OracleCookie"] contains "OraB"} {


use pool Pool-B


log INTB-Pool-B




elseif { [HTTP::cookie exists "OracleCookie"] and [HTTP::cookie value "OracleCookie"] contains "OraC"} {


use pool Pool-C


log Pool-C




elseif { [HTTP::cookie exists "OracleCookie"] and [HTTP::cookie value "OracleCookie"] contains "OraD"} {


use pool Pool-D


log Pool-D




else {


use pool Pool-A


log Pool-A








The rule compiled fine, however the load balancer does not re-direct to the pool. The request comes in a new window opens but nothing is in the page eventually get page cannot be displayed. Could you please let me know if the iRule is correct and any idea how I can trouble shoot this




Thanks in advance!




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  • Hi Prax,



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