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Jan 27, 2023

redirect server

hello dears

I am able to access the server but I found new issue which it is that , the server using redirect in order to access it as below

the server would response and redirect you to

when I put the server in virtual server and created the required configuration the server itself reply me with the following error while trying to access the server using the virtual IP address that set to it

“The application could not be started because there is no connection to the backend services.
Please, contact your system administrator for assistance.”


anyone can help me plz?

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  • MustphaBassim First I would like to note that the server really should be corrected to provide the appropriate redirect instead of solving for this on the F5. If you wanted to test this yourself the following iRule might do what you need it to.

    when HTTP_REQUEST priority 500 {
     set HOST [HTTP::host]
    when HTTP_RESPONSE priority 500 {
        if { ([HTTP::status] starts_with "3") and ([HTTP::header Location] contains ${HOST}) } {
            HTTP::header replace Location [string map {http: https:} [HTTP::header value Location]]
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      really the problem with vendor when we asked him to do that they reply us the system is working in that way  and accourding to the requriments the system must be pass the F5 LTM

  • can you sanitize the configuration of your virtual server and your associated rules/policies/profiles/pools?