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Mar 26, 2012



I am trying to enable RAM Cache on my http profile that assigned to Virtual Server.


I am using default settings.


Following the F5 dump(b profile http 'http profile name' entry show all) the


javascript files doesn't cached.


Can someone help?What am I missing?


F5 version- 10.2.1









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  • Hi Maxas,



    It's possible that the javascript files are too small to be cached with the default RAM cache settings.



    Here's a general SOL to start with:



    sol13244: Working with BIG-IP RAM Cache (10.x - 11.x)




  • Hi Aaron,


    The default RAM Cache minimum object size is 500 bytes.


    In spite of I have no javascript files less than 650 bytes I've set minimum object size to 0 and now it's cached.



  • Hi, I configured a web acceleration profile with the 600 seconds max age value. when i look at the response from the server ( bigip vs) i see that the cache control max-age value 604800 and also see a age header that is value 495. I confused that which header (age ,cache control) i should consider that is max age value for contents and which is sent by the bigip?


    Cache Age: 495 Cache-Control: max-age=604800,public Date:Wed, 04 Jun 2014 06:11:22 GMT