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Feb 07, 2012

RAM Cache URI Exclude list not working?!

Hi there,



I've got a Web-Acceleration profile set-up on our v11.1 F5's...



I'm trying to exclude a specific URL from the cache which is responsible for a Set-cookie HTTP action...



I've got the profile set-up as follows:


list /ltm profile web-acceleration Caching_ConcesPortal


ltm profile web-acceleration Caching_ConcesPortal {


app-service none


cache-uri-exclude { /views/home.faces }


cache-uri-include none


cache-uri-include-override none


cache-uri-pinned { /javax.faces.resource/* }


defaults-from optimized-caching






gavinw@act-bun-f501(Active)(/Common)(tmos) list /ltm virtual profiles


ltm virtual {


profiles {


Caching_ConcesPortal {


context all


} {


context clientside




HTTP_Rewrite {


context all




oneconnect {


context all




stream {


context all




tcp-wan-optimized {


context all




wan-optimized-compression {


context all












However after clearing the Ram cache, I am still seeing the offending URL being cached...


gavinw@act-bun-f501(Active)(/Common)(tmos) delete /ltm profile ramcache Caching_ConcesPortal


... Hit page with web-browser ...


gavinw@act-bun-f501(Active)(/Common)(tmos) show /ltm profile ramcache Caching_ConcesPortal uri /views/home.faces


Ltm::Ramcaches /Common/Caching_ConcesPortal



Host: x.x.x


URI : /views/home.faces




Source Slot/TMM 1/3


Owner Slot/TMM 1/1


Rank 0



Size (bytes) 2140


Hits 0


Received 2012-02-07 12:06:34


Last Sent 2012-02-07 12:06:34


Expires 2012-02-08 12:06:34


Vary Type encoding


Vary Count 1


Vary User Agent none


Vary Encoding none


Total records returned: 1



Any ideas???



I've also tried various exclude strings such as */views*, /views*, /views/*. But none provide the results I'd expect...



Am I missing something?







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  • Ok, it looks like I've found the issue with some additional iRule debugging...

    It looks like the CACHE::enable command ignores the Profile Ram cache settings... I had one rule that was doing the following on a HTTP_REQUEST:

     Check Request method for Caching. 
    if { [HTTP::method] equals "POST" } {
    if {$static::cacheControlDebug == 1} { log local0. "POST Method, disabling Cache" }  
    } else {
    if {$static::cacheControlDebug == 1} { log local0. "GET Method, enabling Cache" }   

    Commenting out the CACHE::enable line has resolved the issue...

    Is this behaviour by design???