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Nov 01, 2010

Ram Cache Maximum Age

Looking for some help here.



We are running sharepoint through the F5 with Ram Cache set at the default of 3600 seconds. The content owners are complaining that it is taking too long for their updates to show up on their respective sites. So my question is can the Maximum age be set below 3600 seconds ? Can it be set to say 15 minutes instead of an hour and what kind of effect can it have on performance ?







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  • Hi Shawn,



    You could give the web app owners the ability to clear the cache when they update the content. This could be done by a manual request to an LTM admin or through an iControl script.



    If you lower the cache age it will result in a higher load on the servers. Exactly how much will vary based on the size of the objects, number of requests per second and other factors.



  • Aaron,



    Thanks I kind of figured that the load would go higher.



    So let me ask you this. The way I have it set up it the way you would have it the sharepoint setup





    The only thing I have in the ramcache is /_layouts/images/*, so that means that just the images are being cached correct ?



    Any content that is added would update automatically then if I am reading this right.



    Thanks Again