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Mar 30, 2023

Radius:avp 97 ipv6

Hi all,

I'm trying to get IPv6 address of customer using Radius AVP 97 using iRule, it works fine with IPv4 but IPv6 always return empty field, even for known IPv6 cutomer, here is the start of the script

# 4 for Accounting-Request.
if { [RADIUS::code ] == 4 } {

#obtain framedIp and bail if it is unset
set framedIp [RADIUS::avp 8 ip4]
if { $framedIp eq "" } { return }

#obtain framedIpv6 and bail if it is unset
set framedIpv6 [RADIUS::avp 97 ip6prefix]
if { $framedIpv6 ne "" } { log local0. "$framedIpv6: found IPv6 address" }


can someone help me


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  • Hey ridhaayeb - I see nobody has answered yet. If you don't get a solution over the weekend, I'll feature this in the Monday Community Highlights article to boost visibility.

  • Hello, I've tried to replicate this using a RADIUS client that sends AVP97 as a "string" attribute (for support compatibility) , and I've managed to log it .. 

    Can you try this out? 


    #  set 44 [RADIUS::avp 44] ; log local0. "AVP44 = $44"
      set 97 [RADIUS::avp 97] ; log local0. "AVP97 = $97"



    Here's my setup


    And my logs (BIGIP v13)