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Sep 21, 2011

Quova (like) on global private network

I am curious to know if there is a Quova API, or a similar type of service for private networks? I have a database of networks for geographic locations for my network. I would like to stuff these into the Quova Database or some other topology datastore for GTM use. Has anyone done this before?



Thanks in advance.


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  • You could define the different regions in GTM topologies. It wouldn't be an automatic pull the external data into GTM, but would allow you to statically implement this.



    You could always open a case with F5 Support to request a feature enhancement for this. I believe there is an existing RFE but not sure what the ID number is.



  • @Aaron.. Thanks. I am going down the topology path. I tried calling the uri('urn:iControl:GlobalLB/Topology)->get_list() method from a Perl SOAP::Lite program. I get a response...however, I also get an exception that causes my script to exit. The error on the get_list() call is

    Unrecognized type '{urn:iControl}GlobalLB.RegionType'

    I really want to simply call the create method but this is my first attempt at using the iControlPortal.cgi so I thought I would play with the listing first.

    OS on the BigIP I am communicating with is running 9.4.5 Build 1049.10 Final

    Thanks for any suggestions.