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Dec 09, 2011

[Question] Volume seeking of ARX by iControl

Dear All, Does anybody know iControl be able to get the Volume name that ARX just wrote to? If iControl can do it, Which command should I invoke? Thanks!

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  • Hey Gavin,


    Im moving this over to the Storage group to hopefully get you an answer soon:).



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    Somehow this slipped through the cracks. Can you be a little more specific on what you need? ARX does support an iControl API, and the first use of this API is for File Change Notification tracking. I am not sure if this is inline with your request? The API itself is documented here:





    And some further detail on getting File Change Notifications via a perl script can be found here:






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    You can use iControl to get volume names and other configuration and statuses from ARX. You can find the perl example at If you use C, you can search "iControl Assembly ARX" in DevCentral and download the latest assembly.