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Dec 08, 2020

Question regarding license


I would like to ask which trafic exactly is included in maximum allowed throughput license rate. I know it is ingress and egress as described here but I dont understand if it is all trafic on all interfaces or it is only on WAN interface and how I can measure this  

I tried this command

 bigtop -bytes -delta -vips none -delay 1bigtop -bytes -delta -vips none -delay 1

but it shows that it is save under license limit but we are getting notification that we are reaching limitation and BIG-IP dropping ingress packets but only ingress

so my questions are:

  • how exactly is maximum allowed throughput license rate calculated?
  • what is the bast way to monitor throughput license rate?
  • is there any diference in license for ingress and egress trafic(why is only ingress trafic is dropped)
  • it is possbile that we are reciveing some plain packets(DDOS) is this kind of trafic included in license rate limit?

thank you

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  • Hello Roman.


    Throughtput is limited by TMM instance.


    The difference between ingress and egress is described here