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Oct 07, 2023

Publish website through internet

I configure website in VS also access it locally through this VA now we need to accessible through internet could you how to do this through BIG- IP

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  • Hi Najm , 

    Well , you should share your network design , or at least what are network devices that locate in front of BIG-IP. 

    >> you can access this Virtual server through internal network with Virtual server Private IP and this is fine. 
    >> I will assume that you have Firewall in front of Bigip and facing internet ( Public Range of IPs ). 
    So you need to follow the below steps : 

    • you need to assign a public ip for this Virtual server through Firewall , let's say " ".
    • you will perform Destination NAT , and Map this Public IP to Virtual server Ip " Private " let's say "".
    • Add a DNS record for this Public ip , let's say " ".
    • That's nearlly what you need.
    • So any write " " >>> this will be translated into " " and this will be mapped by Firewall Destination NAT rule to " " Virtual server IP. 
    • Hence, you cqn access this virtual server Publically throught Internet. 


    >>> If that not clear , let me know more about your network design to be able to help more and have good visability to recommend somthing for you 🙂 

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      Thanks, Mr.mohamed I will share the network design to get more information. 

  • Hi Mohamed, 

    thanks for your prompt response please provide how to know the VS it assign to puplic IP or No as well as how to obtain it please share with us any doucment or video to assist me 

    • Hi Najm , 

      There is no specific design or video for that , but there is standards. 

      Look at this design , I tried to mimic the production scenario for you when publishing Bigip virtual server on the internet: 

      Please have a look on this snap shot and my first reply. 

      you should do the same in your network if you want to publish virtual server through internet. 

      I don't know your network design , what in front of or behind your BIGIP. 

      you can share it with me and I will do my best to create a flow design for you. 

      What I sent is the standard to do that and based on what I have seen in multiple environments. 

  • hi Mohamed, 

    I communicated with internal team regarding this issue, they was saying all configuration on firewall such as NAT and assign public IP for this VS has been done please check on F5 configration now I wont know how check the traffic hilts on VS and advice if any any configration it must modify it , check the aatched if need any modfiy it