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Oct 20, 2011


Hello We have problem with proxypass iRule when we are using cookies with "=" characters. It seems to be so that this error is in row 411 in proxypass irule. It seems to be so that part of cookie data is vanishing when go trough F5 using proxypass irule.



In working system (without F5): 3D20111001%2F13178991765700&industry%3D&%3D; path=/ _WL_AUTHCOOKIE_JSESSIONID



Trough F5 BIGipServer:



CUTPool=2093590720.20480.0000; path=/ 2Fcut%2Fcut%2Fcut.jsp%3Fselected; path=/ BIGipServerCUT_CUT_newpool=2060036288.16671.0000; path=/ BIGipServerCUTcutPool=2043259072.64288.0000;



It seems that BigIP "drops" all ’=’ (%3D) characters off?

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    Try setting static::ProxyPassDebug to a value >1. This will produce some log lines in /var/log/ltm.



    send the tail of that file. It will help while we look at it.
  • We are using 10.2 version of Proxypass and there is quite lot of our own changes


    Exmaple.. we use this proxypass to mainentance pages, blocking access to directorys, rewrite server errors and so on...



    It is bit of work to change it to 10.3 version of proxypass.



    Cant we use this debug ?


    when RULE_INIT {


    Enable to debug ProxyPass translations via log messages in /var/log/ltm


    (2 = verbose, 1 = essential, 0 = none)


    set static::ProxyPassDebug 0



    In Release history there is row...


    Fixed bug with cookie rewrites when cookie value contained an "="



    Is this same issue that we have ?