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Mar 13, 2022

Proxy Configuration for System / Live Update

Hello Dears,

We have one vCMP Guest (TMOS v16.1.2.1) with LTM + AWAF + TC + IPI Modules. All the needed Configurations for Proxy + DNS + Static Routes have been done correctly via both "TMSH Commands" and "GUI" (Upstream Proxy). But, Unfortunately, "Live Update" does NOT work and after checking DUMP, it seems that the TMOS does NOT generate any traffic. Also, the IP Intelligence Database has not been updated yet!

I have just checked F5 Bug Tracker, but with no success. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Would you please advise.

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  • WAF signatures are available on f5 download site and can be eventually uploaded manually,

    I'm relying on my memory, but for live updated I believe you need to be able to reach and, can you try to generate traffic manually and see what type of error you see? 

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      Thanks CA_Valli for your reply.

      I am aware about Offline Update. But, our issue is related to Automatic/Online Update.

      About generating manual traffic to query F5 servers, unfortunately no traffic has been generated after calling F5 Update Servers, as mentioned by you.

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        Does this only happen with live updates?

        If traffic does not exit the unit, I would suspect that there's not a match in the routing table, if you attempt a ping the portals do you see traffic or do you get an error?